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Kanya Cittasara
A Passionate, Creative and Enthusiastic Lady

Class of 2015.

Her name is Kanya, 21 years old now. She is a graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture Engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada.

She is very passionate and enthusiastic in art, especially in visual communication design. Highly developed skills in illustrating characters and objects using both manual and digital coloring, also designing posters for event promotions. She is defined as a communicative, passionate, energetic, enthusiastic and confident individual - combined with a limitless imagination and creative idea.

She lives in music and design, and also speak English fluently.

She had some awards in illustrating since she was in school such as:
- The runner up of Painting Competition at Junior High School 9 Bekasi (2006)
- The 1st winner of Comic Competition at Senior High School 48 Jakarta (2008)
- The 1st winner of Poster Competition at Senior High School 1 Bekasi (2009)
- The top 10 winner of Bekasi City's Poster Competition (2009)

In music field, she got awarded as:
- The runner up of Poetry Musicalization at Senior High School 1 Bekasi (2009)
- The top 8 semifinalists of Rio Febrian's Sound Project, an online singing competition (2013)
She also makes her own music covers and videos on Soundcloud and Youtube, and perform in some events together with SoundCloud Yogyakarta community

In acting and theater field, she got a certificate by Theater Association of Jakarta with an "A" mark for the Directing Skill. She played a role in:
- Musical Theater "Senandung Patung-Patung" at Senior High School 48 Jakarta (2008)
- Musical Theater "Mentari Pagi" at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Cultural Development Center) (2012)
- Musical Theater "Mentari Pagi 2" at UNIKA Semarang (2013)

She also have skill in public speaking. Once got rewarded as one of the semifinalists of Bantul Tourism Ambassador in 2013. In the other time, she's sometimes being in charge as master of ceremony in some events or discussion forums.

She loves fireworks, flying lanterns, night skies, city lights, babies. Don't show her any flying insect or I will scream hysterically and make you look like a terrorist who's trying to kill her.

Some people say that she's an extrovert and easygoing person when actually sometimes she still enjoy her time alone, drowning herself into book and a cup of hot chocolate. (KNY)

Kanya's About.me

E-mail: kanyasaurus@gmail.com | Twitter: @kanyasaurus

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Kanya Cittasara
An illustrator and graphic designer who lives in her own fairy tale. Blending design and music into harmony.